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Whore4Hector // A Hangout for Barbossa's Bitches
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whoreoftortuga [userpic]

Hi all!

With the release of On Stranger Tides, I was reminded of my dimmed-but-never-extinguished love for Barbossa!

I hope the film has revitalised some interest in this awesome character!

Anyway, it prompted me to look over my long-ago written Barbossa-centric fics and I thought I would promote them here in the hopes that old fans could enjoy them again and new fans could discover them.

I hope you'll give them a chance!

The Briar and the Rose

The series takes place over the thirteen years preceding Curse and follows Barbossa's life both before and after the curse has taken hold, as seen through the eyes of a whore of Tortuga, a young woman named Evie, whom Barbossa visits on regular occasions. The series follows their encounters and relationship as it develops alongside Barbossa's own changes and experiences once the Curse is upon him.

Apart from just being a Barbossa fanfic, it is also an insight into the life of a whore of Tortuga and into her own character and personality.

It is LONG, it is HET, and it's A BIT RUDE.
It's also slightly cliched, fanciful and self-indulgent.

And its sequel:

The Last Rose of Summer

This was prompted by readers of the original fic's asking for a sequel and inspired by At World's End. It continues the story of Evie & Barbossa.

Holly Rush Hopkins Rickman Nighy [userpic]

Working on some Barbossa artwork. Him with an OC I made way back in the day when the first movie came out; Captain Clarice Newheart. Gotta clean it up and do a background, oh joy, lol.

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Heather Louise [userpic]

Title: "After the Storm"
Author: Koochielala
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters/Pairing: Hector Barbossa/Andrea Costello-Nightingale (OC)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 762
Warnings: Corse language, sexual references.
Disclaimer: Andrea belongs to me and the rest to Disney.
Summary: She hates storms, he hates seeing her troubled.
Author's Notes: Andrea is a roleplay character I created over a year ago, she's one half of Barbea. Give her a chance? I intend to write more fanfics for her and Hector, especially with NaNoWriMo coming up.

"I ne'er thought ye'd be one to fear a storm."Collapse )

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artandlight [userpic]

I give you my first offering as a new member. A little photo mesh I did of our sexy Barbossa.

I Love my Captain!

So here it is

Ahhh, Hector!!!

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pirates_doxy [userpic]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

apple4b [userpic]

Wouldn't you love to have this Barbossa for real ?! ;)

Click on the pics to have them bigger !

Video-gamers probably know "SackBoy", the Sony mascot...
LittleBigPlanet created some 'packs' where you can dressed your SackBoy as you want, to play the game you want... and of course, now way to resist a Pirate's Life ! ;)
Laura, you can have the page in Spanish, by clicking on the flag of you choice ! ;)

I took the few pics of our Beloved Captain...
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Barbossa's Monkey [userpic]

Title: One Day

Author: barbossamonkey

Summary: Ten years is a longtime to wait for something. Hector Barbossa knows this experience all too well and so when Elizabeth Turner returns to the island where she promised to wait for her husband, Will Turner, the captain of The Flying Dutchman is about to learn just how hard it really is to wait. Disclaimer: Don't own pirates, but I do own this story concept.

Pairing: Barbossabeth and Willabeth

X-posted: merrypirates, pirategasm, barbossabeth, blackpearlsails, whore4hector

Notes: This story is in response to the merrypirates story exchange community and was written for bonnyblondelass' request "Discovery of their [Barbossa and Elizabeth] clandestine relationship by Will". The resulting story is how I perceived Will finds out about such a relationship between the two.

PDF File

"One day ashore, ten years at sea. It's a steep price for what's been done."

"Depends on the one day."

Thanks for everyone who followed the story. It's been a wonderful voyage but we've finally reached the end. Hope you enjoy the last installment!

Title: Adrift
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Barbossa & Elizabeth
Disclaimer: Disney reigns supreme and owns all.
Summary: Hector's love for Elizabeth has endured for centuries...but what of hers?


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This is the last actual 'chapter,' although I will be adding an epilogue to wrap everything up (insofar as I EVER do that) in a neat little bow. Thanks to everyone who read and for those who haven't...humour me and give it try! Already plot bunnies for other stories are hopping around in my head, but they likely won't encompass the same time commitment (18 months) or length (well over 160,000 words).

Title: Adrift
Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: Barbossa/Elizabeth
Chapter summary: A final farewell on the beach


October [userpic]


It can be said that the downward spiral began when Jack sought the heart of Davy Jones; that unnatural treasure sent everyone on a mad sprint to the Isla Cruces, and all that followed was death and heartache. But what if witty Jack had discovered another way to avoid being called to join Jones’ crew? Devil’s and Black Sheep explores an untold version of the story, in which Jack Sparrow did indeed find those one-hundred souls for Davy Jones, and continued on his merry way.

Devil’s and Black Sheep is an alternate universe Pirates of the Caribbean role-play that occurs after the Curse of the Black Pearl and incorporates the spirit of Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End without following their actual storylines.

Jack Sparrow and his beloved Pearl are currently in route out of Tortuga. The scallywag of world renown has recently acquired a treasure map and is anxious to discover if the proverbial “X marks the spot” is accurate or not. He might reach the treasure alive....if the captive he's taken on and his returned crew mate don't kill him first.

To add to Jack Sparrow’s troubles, a newly resurrected Barbossa has recently returned to Tortuga, intent on acquiring a ship. Setting aside his desire for the Black Pearl for now (or has he?), his interest instead is in the Naval ship the HMS Integrity currently on its way from England to Port Royal. In order to “acquire” his prize he has fixed up an abandoned brigantine, the Maelstrom and is now underway, ready to set a Royal trap. And perhaps his desire for a woman could bring about the betrayal of the man he so despises and seeks to ruin....one Jack Sparrow.

The action continues with the landlubbers of Tortuga. A small town full of rustle and bustle, but without the protection of the military by their side, the citizens have learned to always keep a careful eye on the dark alleys once the sun sets. Tortuga is a fine place, a place where pirates call their home only second to the sea, a place where everything comes with a price.

Devil’s and Black Sheep is an AU Pirates of the Caribbean RPG featuring canons and original characters alike; we’re huge fans of both! The board features three pirate ships and the flagship of the Royal Navy. We are currently looking for more pirates to fill out our crews as well as able-bodied seamen to man the Royal Naval ship. Adventure is not limited to the high seas as the inhabitants of Tortuga can attest.

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